Department: Faculty of Design, School of Ceramics and Glass
Degree programme: Master of Art programme in Ceramics and Glass
Author: Yuan Long
Title: A Ceramist's Journey
Level: Diploma Work
Number of pages: 58


The main topic of this diploma thesis is the sequence of experiences obtained in my life as a ceramist. These experiences include: the Chinese culture heritage of my youth together with my college studies in the Jindezhen Ceramics Institute, China and my further professional studies in western countries at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland and Northern Arizona University, United States.

As a result, my diploma art work represents a reflection of the knowledge which I learned in different periods and countries and the influence of different cultures and art styles on my own development. Through this process I have discovered my identity as a ceramist, evolving my own personal style by combining traditional and new ideas obtained from both eastern and western cultures.

The goal of this thesis, taking the development of my art style as an example, is to analyze how artists can benefit from a multicultural environment without losing touch their own traditions.

Materials: Diploma thesis, Final work exhibition
Keywords: Ceramics, culture, tradition, art style, experience, porcelain, light, Chinese ceramics, Chinese opera, Finnish ceramics, American ceramics.
Where deposited: UIAH library
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