DATE: 1996
DEPARTMENT: Department of Graphic Design
AUTHOR OR CREATOR: Valtanen Andreja
TITLE: Looking at Finland
TYPE OF WORK: Diploma work

I came to Finland a few years ago. Finnish people like to ask me what I think about their country. When I was looking for a subject for my diploma work, I decided to make a book on how Finland looks through my eyes.

The work was devided into two parts: a basic concept with text (wich wasn't really designers work) and designing a book.

When analysing some books about Finland I realized that there were some nice books already existing. It wasn't my idea to compete with big teams of good photographers and writers. My idea was to present my own view: to write and design by myself. Sometimes a picture speaks instead of text and the opposite is also true. I tried to make an "impression" of this country which combined some interesting (for me) elements of Finnish everyday life with well-known facts about Finland. Maybe it looks like I used too many stereotypes, but my opinion is that I can't give an accurate picture about the country wihout them. The format of the book is long and narrow (technical prerequisities). The long page format gives an impression of a double page. The paper is " Countryside". Some pages are in some other colour or quality (thicker, more structured). In this book, I also used some other techniqe to get interesting effects (kollage, sawing and cutting). I have never completed a proper book before. So this one was quite a challenge for me - technically and as a designer as well.

MATERIALS: Books, written report
KEYWORDS: Graphic design-books