Department: The Department of Graphic Design
Degree programme: Master's degree
Author: Nene Tsuboi
Title: Flag project
Level: Diploma Work
Number of pages: 55


This project is an experiment to investigate a new field of design beyond illustration, graphic, textile, and product design. Flag design combines elements from these fields, and results in a powerful tool for communication. As this project is my first step out of design school into the world, I want to challenge myself, the public and the design community. So I decided to design my original flags and going out to the city. I wanted to create casual flags for everyday life. People can choose flag that suits their mood or purpose, like desktop picture for computer or mobile phone logo. I designed 50 different flags to create a variety of possible moods or messages for people to choose from. These 50 themes were chosen from over 2000 pictures in my sketchbooks which are image bank of my everyday life. The themes on the flags are for example; sun, rain, moneytree, dog or "moi". Finally for the exhibitions, I choose 16 designs to be printed and presented in public. By making exhibitions of the flags in different parts of the city, I can bring different atmosphere to urban spaces, and send greetings to everyone.

Materials: Lippuneulos (polyester 100%)
Keywords: Terveisiš Nenelta
Where deposited: ANTEEKSI
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