Osasto: visuaalisen kulttuurin osasto
Koulutusohjelma: graafisen suunnittelun koulutusohjelma
Tekijä: Karttunen, Tuomas Antero
Työn nimi: The Reality Layers Project, Promenades on Future Strawberry Fields
Työn laji: Lopputyö
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The Reality Layers Project, Promenades on Future Strawberry Fields

This thesis is part of the Medialab´s research project named Design Fiction, and fiction is what I mainly offer to you. The research projects aim was to find new ways for user oriented design among other things.
This thesis is written from the viewpoint of an artist, claiming all the liberties associated with the concept of art. This unrestricted method lead to some interesting ideas. Be it known, that this is a collection of fragments; many ideas are left to just a seedling level, while some are explored more deeply. The scenarios especially often go way over the top, just to create new thoughts not meaning that the states would be desirable.
The central concept is that reality can be seen to be a construct of different layers, some visible to some, but not all to all. This layer metaphor is transferred to many different situations of the future digital domain.
The thesis first states its design principles: naturality, modularity, adaptability and flexibility. How to be user oriented without having a living user just an idea of it. Methods aiming at inclusiveness can be achieved for example by open source and open-ended design. User benefit should be the marketing strategy of the providing sides, the providers being under fierce competition circumstances.
Premises of the thesis are freedom of expression, right to privacy, right to anonymity and unbreakable encryption. In general, all the power and rights to the user.
Then a brief look is taken at future mobile media with some comments aside.
The ways of the future, along with metadata, intelligent agents and the birth of immersive virtual worlds are overviewed. The changes of information and its ways of spreading will be drastic. Modularization of information will increase, alongside with new ways of collecting and organizing it. The coming floppy hires displays will force the news industries to find new ways of survival. The meaning of the grid will gain importance.
The next area covered will be how the virtual 3D worlds could be organized, and what would be the best way for the user. The layer metaphor is heavily utilized in this area. Some new interaction ways between the user and the provider offered content are introduced to benefit both parties, if the user so wishes. Adaptive content with adaptive maps will help both the user and the provider sides to achieve their goals. We no longer have to adapt to reality, but it is the reality that adapts to us. A brief introduction to layer application interfaces is given.
Next, in order to make our intelligent agents truly intelligent, we are encountered by the huge but interesting task of defining the self. The self can be seen as consisting of different kinds of layers, for example a pattern-response layer. These layers could then be refined or shared with others. The objective being the creation of a optimal search and representation tool the agent. Everything is available what do you really want.
Last, but not least, a selection of scenarios are presented, ranging from a future newspaper trough some future sex to the Selftuner-concept and the real goal >>> liberation.

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Asiasanat: future, intelligent agents, media, Selftuner
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