Pvm: 1998

Osasto: Design Leadership

Tekijä: Poulson Conrad T.B

Työn nimi: Virtual shopping, real trust ?


Technological and social change facilitated radical changes in the grocery retail trade during the early part of the twentieth century. Now at the end of the same century, new technological developments in the form of the personal computer and the Internet, are instigating widescale changes at many levels. It seems likely that these advancements will alter the grocery retail process again. The consequences could range from altering the values associated with grocery shopping to radically changing the logistical requirements of everyday life. Consequences that could have as much impact on our lives as the changes at the beginning of the century had.

This thesis aims to study whether shifting grocery retailing on-line, can enable a return to traditional retailing values such as personal attention? lf so how can retailers build a relationship with their customers in this medium? Is it just a question of moving conventional techniques on-line?

By studying the history-y of conventional grocery retailing and examining the present situation regarding the grocery retail industry 6oth on-line and off. I will build a picture of the current market and look to the future to identify the trends that are likely to emerge. ln the context of these trends I will then discuss proposals for future on-line grocery services.