CHEN, Howard



The contribution of this study is to emphasise the value of the integrative science. Bionics as a primary resource for strengthening a creative technique which can serve as an effective tool for designers and others. The first phase in understanding Bionics is to analyse its keywords: integrative science, living systems and technical problems.

A large portion of this study is concerned with defining desing's three critical elements - form, material, function - and showing that by associating each of them with nature (living systems) man can proceed with the rules conducted by nature.

The analysis of various cases will shed light on the three different levels of Bionics applications: visual imitation, characteristics imitation and characteristics resemblance. The thesis provides a deeper study of a specific topic. Synectics, one of the creativity techniques examined, works best with technical and scientific problems having high uncertainty. The study will discuss the essence of Synectics.

This study seeks to cross cultural boundaries, in that its scope icludes the Chinese eco-art of Feng- shui. One finding is concept of Sying-Yi, which characterises material- immaterial matter in the whole universe, taking a living object (seashell) as an example. The most important implication, arising from the analysis of Five Elements Cycle, will be the primary structure of this creativity tehcnique.

The final stage is devoted to developing a well-planed creativity technique. Selecting a man-made object, a soap holder, the whole system will be examined.