The future scenario of product design is dependent on the product enterprise's future strategic planning. Because of the competition in the consumer product market, the borders between the eastern and western worlds are disappearing, which tends to globalize the market. Any company that wants to be succesfull must be aware of cultural differences, and the prepared and organized for this competition. Thus, design strategy becomes a main competitive tool for the corporation. Issues such as what products the company is manufacturing, how enterprises are organized and which market they are aiming at schould all be taken into account.

The strategy is a tool to help the consumer product industry to make and evaluate future plans by balancing the correlation between product design, technology (engineering and manufacturing) and marketing elements. It contains scenario planning, an analysis system and the illustration of the strategy. The principle is that design must play the role of an integrator among other disciplines. In conclusion, "good design and good business" can be achieved as long as we use the product design strategy properly.